Monday, August 4, 2014

Recent Updates

Monday, August 4th

Just thought I would give a quick update.  First of all, everything is still going well.  Have had a few beautiful days and then some not so beautiful.  Friday and Saturday, was rain all day and forced us to do some indoor activities - mainly catching up on phone calls and correspondence.  We had hoped to visit their State Fair on Saturday, but that didn't get done until yesterday.

Sunday couldn't have been any nicer than it was.  Temps were in the mid-70's and lots of sunshine.  Wow, was the fair crowded.  Unfortunately due to all the rain, the produce section was extremely lacking with displays.

We were able to sit out for Happy Hour and also eat outside in spit of those nasty mosquitoes.  We are trying hard to eliminate as many as we can.

Halibut, that the guys caught in Homer, was delicious cooked on the grill.  Thanks again, Guys, for your hard work catching them.

Today, to our surprise, the sky is blue and sun shining.  We will head out shortly to see what more we can find to explore.

No pictures because no one is willing to give it a try - plus, who wants to see rain coming down?

Hope this finds everyone well and those at the MI rally having a fabulous time!

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