Friday, August 22, 2014

Dawson City, YK to Iskut, BC

Friday, August 22

On Monday, we left Dawson City for our trip to White Horse.  We had a wonderful time as Rich as posted.  The drive to White Horse was very boring with typical Canadian/Yukon roadways - gravel, holes, dirt and mud.  We stopped in Carmack for a quick overnight before returning to White Horse a town we stopped in on our way North.  The first thing we did upon arrival was to call the "glass doctor" since we all had taken bullets.  Ehlenberg's and Murley's to the RV's and Rich to his toad.  How convenient to have the "glass man" come and do the necessary repairs on sight.

Wednesday, we left our rigs in White Horse and drove to Skagway for the day.  The scenery was very beautiful.  As our timing has been for most of this trip, the morning clouds cleared, sun came out and temps rose as we arrived in Skagway.  Four cruise ships were in port making the town extremely crowded.
Broadway Street in Skagway...note the cruise ship at the far end!
  After lunch and a drive around town, we drove out to the start of the Chilkoot Trial.  We actually walked a tiny bit of it, so now we can say, we have done it.  This is the trial the early miners crossed to get to Dawson City to find their gold.
We did set foot on this historic trail--we did not traverse the entire 33 miles!!

Thursday, we left White Horse retracing our travels back to Baby Nugget Campgound outside of Watson Lake.  This time the campground was dry and warm - certainly much nice then our previous trip when we encountered, rain and mud.  After setting up, we headed into Watson Lake to the "sign forest".  We left our signage in a prominent place and then wandered through looking at all the various signs.  Always hoping to spot one of someone we knew, but that never happened.

At The Sign Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon Territory--we have just added ours signs!

Rich used his wooden "Camelot House" sign and we attached Ehlenberg's and Murley's license plates!!
Later, we saw stars for the first time realizing that our time with the "midnight sun" had come to an end.  Fabulous summer full of tons of memories.

Friday - today we started our trip south down the Cassiar Hwy.  Once again we encountered pot holes, frost heaves, gravel portions and lots of twists and turns, along with narrowness and no shoulders.  We stopped part way here at Jade City mainly for a break in the driving.  We are now crossing paths with folks we've met in other locations.  Am taking advantage of having wifi, which has not been available for several days.

Tomorrow, we are heading to Hyder for the w/e and hopefully see some bears.  We did see 2 driving from White Horse yesterday.  There are lots of signs posted, but very few animals.

Not sure about the next posting - where or by whom.

Jack and Betty will be separating from the group a few days after Hyder.  We will be sorry and not sure how Patti will do without a playmate on a daily basis.

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