Friday, August 29, 2014

Hyder, Ak / Stewart, BC

Our w/e was fun but also a slight disappointment. There were still lots of salmon in the river but the bears were full. We did see mama bear and cubs walking on the road. It was rather sad to see so many  salmon coming to the end of their lives. They have an amazing life cycle returning to the place of their birth, laying eggs, and then passing.

We did have a fabulous last dinner at "The School Bus" - sautéed halibut!

Monday morning we continued on the Cassiar Hwy until we reached Cache Creek on Wednesday night. This was the last stop for the Ehlenberg's in Canada. We crossed the border yesterday. They checked the RV a and toad. Not sure what they were looking for. but found nothing. Maybe being a holiday w/e they were checking everyone.  Murley's continued on to Vancouver and Rich opted for another day of rest.

That brings to an end our Alaskan Odyssey portion of the trip. A fabulous trip of a lifetime with way too many memories..  Really hope everyone enjoyed traveling along with us as we did with each other. Looking forward to reuniting this winter in Florida.

We will continue our travels on: for our family and friends

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